About Fljótt og Gott

Restaurant Fljótt og Gott is located at the BSÍ bus terminal. Its location is in the heart of Reykjavik central and within short distance of many hotels and hostels. Its easy to get around as there are buses and taxis around the corner.

Fljótt og Gott is one of Iceland´s oldest restaurant and we see that as a benefit for our customers as the years of experience has made good better.

A visit to restaurant Fljótt og Gott is a MUST :-)

We are a family oriented restaurant with a huge selection of traditional icelandic dishes (including the world famous sheep head), snacks, freshly baked pastries, open faced bread etc. At Fljótt og Gott the whole family will find something that all will enjoy.

Arriving early at the BSÍ bus terminal? Leaving your hotel early ? At least an 1 hour bus ride to Keflavik airport ? Don´t worry as we open early all weekends at Fljótt og Gott. Fresh fruits, coffee, pastries etc. "to go". OPEN FROM 04.00 sat and sun.